4 Egg-Cellent Strategies To Boost Traffic During The Easter Season

4 Egg-Cellent Strategies To Boost Traffic During The Easter Season

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The Easter holidays are about bringing families together and celebrating life. In times of cherishing hope and fulfillment, engaging with your clients and loyal members is an excellent opportunity to create a unique relationship with your customers, promoting your business beyond the holidays. From decorating eggs, attending parades, and eating chocolate-shaped bunnies, the ways of celebrating Easter are unique for everyone, making the holiday eggs-tra special!

According to the National Retail Foundation (NRF), in 2021, a total of $21.6 billion amounted to the spending of Americans for the occasion, with average spending of $179.70 per head, the highest figure ever recorded by the NRF. A Statistica survey found that 79% of Americans celebrated Easter in 2021, which increased by 2% from the previous year, proving it one of the widely-celebrated holidays worldwide. 

From marketing campaigns to data use for business intelligence, here are four tips to help your business hit the ballpark this Easter season!

1. Leverage your data to create incremental revenue

Taking advantage of your Customer Data Platform can help you create out-of-the-box campaigns that perfectly match your customer’s expectations. From conducting a product affinity analysis to determine which items are highly likely to be purchased together to tracking your sales results from last year, understanding your customer’s behavior is essential to delivering a campaign perfectly matching their profile. 

By knowing which products are complementary, you can create limited-edition Easter bundles to drive in more traffic, increase average basket size and boost sales. Making them limited edition stimulates interest and grabs the attention of interested buyers to visit your online or brick-and-mortar store. 

Engage your customers by allowing them to customize the bundle so that your staff can cross-sell complementary items together. As a result, visitors will have a positive impression and may choose to continue shopping with your brand even after the Easter season is over. Alternatively, if you are not selling unique products for the holiday, you can still implement the Easter spirit through your packaging. For instance, the gift box can be in the form of an egg instead of the usual rectangular shape.

4 Egg-cellent Strategies To Boost Traffic During The Easter Season

2. Add gamification to incite your members

Taking it a step further, gamify your guests’ experience to add a more personable and ‘human’ touch that makes engaging with your brand fun. It is a great way to create some buzz around your brand and increase awareness amongst your existing and potential customers. 

For example, you can create a Scratch and Win segment or an Easter-themed Spin The Wheel, giving them the chance to win Easter gifts. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement as they wait for the reward they can win. Motivate your audience to join your game by offering prizes, such as a free dessert or gift item. 

3. Hop over to your social channels

It’s no secret that social media engagement spikes during holiday seasons and Easter is no different. Highlight your seasonal offerings by creating eye-catching posts and visuals to remind your audience to start their shopping with your brand. You can use pastel tones and visuals of bunnies and eggs.

You can also add a link to your posts to direct your customers to a social media gift for Easter. It can be a coupon or a voucher to be used when they dine in your restaurant. This will attract them to engage and follow your social media accounts to grab the chance of eating in your establishment, increasing foot traffic and revenue.

4. Engage your clients with Easter-themed communications and campaigns

A survey by Numerator conducted at the beginning of the year found that 38% of US consumers were already thinking about Easter. Now it’s the perfect time to start your Easter marketing and reach your customers before competitors do. By customizing emails, push notifications, and SMS campaigns with Easter designs and templates, you can offer a benefit to your customer base and encourage them to visit your website and business to spend the holidays with you. 

Pump up your marketing efforts by using Easter slogans and catchy subject lines to stand out from the crowd. Emphasizing scarcity and urgency by using keywords such as “Limited Time Only” or “Four Days Left” is an effective method to inform and incite your customers about your seasonal product offerings and promotions.

4 Egg-cellent Strategies To Boost Traffic During The Easter Season

Easter has egg-ceptional potential as a sales season with the proper preparation and execution. No matter how big or small your business is, it is essential to plan ahead and decide on the strategies to implement to make it a holiday to remember!

From the Como Team, we wish you a successful Easter season!


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