Leverage World Father’s Day to Grow Your Loyalty Club Members

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Let’s transform casual customers into loyal advocates this Father’s Day! Discover how Como’s innovative data-driven customer engagement and loyalty solution can elevate your business, ensuring unforgettable experiences while maximizing customer retention during this special occasion.

1. Put Your Employees in the Race

Envision your employees as the driving force behind your Father’s Day campaign. With Como, empower and incentivize them to actively promote your loyalty club. Encourage staff to interact with customers, gather feedback, and offer rewards for participation in surveys. By harnessing your team’s enthusiasm, you not only enhance customer experiences but also foster loyalty among your employees. A good example of this is Chick-fil-A who distinguishes itself by making its employees frontline ambassadors through a strong emphasis on customer service excellence and community involvement. Employees receive extensive training in providing polite and friendly interactions, consistently using phrases like “my pleasure” to enhance the customer experience. They’re also allowed to go the extra mile, offering personalized service and sometimes freebies to ensure happy customers. Chick-fil-A gets employees involved in local events too, showing they’re part of the community. Additionally, rewards like employee of the month and scholarships make them feel appreciated. This all adds up to employees naturally promoting Chick-fil-A, building a positive image that keeps customers coming back.

Host a “Dads vs. Servers Challenge”: Turn Father’s Day into a fun competition between your staff and diners. Encourage your servers to challenge dads to friendly games or trivia related to fatherhood while they wait for their meals. Offer small prizes or discounts to dads who participate and engage with your staff. This not only adds a playful and memorable element to the dining experience but also encourages interaction between customers and employees, fostering a sense of camaraderie and loyalty. 

2. Make Your Joining Gift Irresistible

Impress new members with a compelling welcome gift that leaves a lasting impression. Utilize Como’s customizable registration forms to gather valuable customer data and tailor your offerings accordingly. Tag members based on preferences to deliver personalized incentives, ensuring every customer feels valued. A prime example of a unique loyalty program is offered by Dirt Candy, a renowned vegetarian restaurant in New York City, called the “Veg-Curious Club”. New members receive personalized cooking classes conducted by the restaurant’s head chef, invitations to exclusive behind-the-scenes kitchen tours, exclusive seasonal tasting menus that are not available to the general public, a beautifully designed booklet featuring some of the restaurant’s signature recipes, exclusive Dirt Candy merchandise such as aprons and tote bags, and priority reservations amongst other incentives.

Offer a “Dad’s Culinary Adventure Kit” Joining Gift: Provide new members of your loyalty program with a curated selection of products that cater to different aspects of fatherhood. Create themed boxes featuring items such as signature spices, gourmet sauces, artisanal oils, and cooking utensils. For example, include a selection of premium spices for grilling, a bottle of house-made signature sauce, a mini herb garden kit, and a high-quality wooden spoon. By giving a variety of kitchen basics that inspire creativity and flavor discovery, you not only encourage sign-ups but also provide a practical gift that makes Father’s Day cooking extra special.

3. Showcase Your Club

Prominently feature your loyalty club throughout your business premises to capitalize on Father’s Day excitement. Utilize real-time updates and AI-driven recommendations to keep customers engaged with exclusive offers and promotions.

Host a “Father’s Day Feast Preview” Event: Invite loyal club members to an exclusive preview event where they can sample dishes from your special Father’s Day menu before it officially launches. Encourage employees to promote the event and engage with customers by sharing their excitement about the upcoming menu offerings. During the event, offer attendees the opportunity to book reservations for their Father’s Day meal directly through your loyalty club app, allowing them to secure their preferred seating time and take advantage of special perks or discounts. By creating a sense of anticipation and offering early access to your Father’s Day offerings, you not only drive engagement and repeat visits but also reward loyal customers with a memorable dining experience.

Harness the power of Como this Father’s Day and create unforgettable moments for dads and customers alike. Celebrate fatherhood, reward loyalty, and witness your business thrive with Como by your side. Start today and experience the Como difference. Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Como!

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