Marketing Automation

Take your marketing to the next level with automation & granular-level segments

Let automated campaigns work for you

Set them and forget them! Implement time saving, rule-based automations that keep your customers engaged while you’re focusing on your business.

“Como is the king of marketing automation: Como helped us create tens of automated campaigns so that our marketing team can focus on what drives revenue without reviewing campaigns manually on a regular basis.”

Javier, Marketing Manager of Burger King IL

Create the perfect campaigns based on your objectives

Define your business goal and let our Wizard suggest and create the right campaign to achieve it. Our algorithms automatically create it for you in a way that strives to an optimized result and biggest ROI.

“[Como] really helped us create the perfect summer campaign with the right gift at the right time, giving our customers a ‘magic moment.’ The Como team was always available and working toward our success.”

Anat, Marketing Director of Delek Menta

Surprise and delight your customers with gamification

Amplify emotional engagement with personalized Spin the Wheel animations and Scratch & Win experiences.

Build a wow customer satisfaction and add fun & emotion to your guests’ interactions, while implementing campaigns that Wheely work: increase your customers database, drive conversions, increase your average ticket and build lifetime relationships with them

“Como Sense is integrated to our POS, so we track customers’ rewards and purchases and know what our customers like...”


Digital Managing Director

Set your campaigns in minutes

Use our 70+ pre-made templates with auto-populating fields to implement your campaigns in no time.

Leave nothing to chance

Consistently refine your strategy and improve your customers’ experience with A/B testing. Learn how to target your members for maximum impact and efficiency and increase your ROI – whether it be based on conversions, visit frequency or long-term loyalty.

Widen your customer reach with promo codes

Launch viral promo codes campaigns to both identified and non-identified customers. Promo codes are also great opportunities to collaborate with other businesses and bring their community to your stores

Target your customers with surgical precision

Do not send generic messages anymore: reach the right audience at the right time, with impactful and relevant offers. Our data-driven marketing automation tool lets you trigger each rule depending on very precise events, making personalization effortless yet super effective.

“With Como, we can record customers’ behavior and categorize them based on their purchases and how much they spend. Now we can give our best customers immediate promotions according to their preferences. It’s a very powerful way to bring them in.”

Ayhan, General Manager of City Farm

Como provides a solid loyalty product that incorporates extensive real time data and analytics, which allows us to understand our customers: who they are and what they prefer like never before. It unleashed new surgical level insights that it wouldn’t have been possible to get before, for example what store they prefer and what exact topping they like on their favorite drink.

Bilal, CEO of Juice Bang Bang

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“Como is not only a CRM, an app provider, or a loyalty solution: it’s a complete, all-in-one customer engagement tool that will save your team hours every day and take your marketing strategy to the next level…definitely!"

Javier, Marketing Manager of Burger King IL

“The customer support team is outstanding and helped us implement the new solution and move from our antiquated loyalty program without hassle. I can’t thank them enough."

Bilal, CEO of Juice Bang Bang
“Welcome to the world of Yes with Como Sense because they will help you solve each of your problems or concerns when they arise."

Kim Weiss, LA Owner of VomFass
“The platform you’ve built has been an important part of our business, and especially now, has helped us remain viable when other small businesses around us are seriously hurting, or failing outright. Como has been a great partner for us, and we’re excited for the future!"

Weston, Owner of Eli’s Coffee Shop

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