Empower Your POS System with End-to-End Customer Engagement Tools

Expand Your Offerings

Boost your value proposition with the digital-age tools your clients want

Stay Competitive

Leverage omnichannel tools with constant platform upgrades

Grow Your Business

Add steady revenue streams through based on long-term success

Partner with the Best

Join a global company that has been empowering businesses since 2005

Powerful New Capabilities for Your POS

Give your clients the tools and insights they need to deliver personalized customer experiences and increase profits.

Marketing Automation

Targeted rewards and offers sent automatically 24/7

Actionable Insights

A wealth of business intelligence to help improve performance

Personalized Experiences

Employees suggest rewards and offers in real time depending on customer’s shopping cart

Flexible Loyalty Programs

Wide range of incentives to influence each customer segment

Branded Mobile App

Communication with loyalty program members to bring them back

Enhance Your POS with Powerful Customer Management

Enhance Your POS with Powerful Customer Management

  • Perfect Fit
  • Tech Leadership
  • Cloud-based
  • Steady Revenue
  • Trigger Automation
  • Get Actionable BI

Perfect Fit

Completes your system with valuable tools that businesses want.

Tech Leadership

Cutting-edge, digital technology that keeps you and your clients competitive


We handle operations in the cloud, so you can easily distribute and scale

Steady Revenue

Sticky, low-churn solution that provides you with a solid revenue stream

Trigger Automation

Follow-up actions are automatically set in motion such as sending points, punches, or push notifications.

Get Actionable BI

Your client gathers the data and insights that lead to smart business decisions.

Become a POS Partner

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