Why Add Como to Your Tevalis POS?

The powerful Como-Tevalis combo gives you a complete retail and restaurant success platform for managing your customers. Como’s all-in-one solution empowers you to engage your customers, understand them better with deep business intelligence, and keep them coming back. With your branded, customized mobile app, you’ll easily maintain communication with customers from loyalty program sign-up to interaction through push notifications, SMS, and more.

como and tevalis

Add Como to your Tevalis EPOS


All-in-one Success Platform for Your Business

Personalized loyalty schemes

Customer incentives include punch cards, coupons, points, push notifications, and more

Branded mobile app

Totally customized mobile app and control panel with your business’ branding

Actionable data & insights

Deep business insights to identify, understand, segment, and target customers

Hands-free automation

Preset the rules to deliver rewards and run campaigns on autopilot

Social sharing

Social media features increase traffic and promote your loyalty program and business

Dedicated business advisor

Ongoing consultation for all your technical and marketing needs

How the Integration Works

The Tevalis-Como integration expands the capabilities of your EPOS, so that you can engage your customers and increase repeat business and sales. Easily implemented with Como’s standard API, the integration enables real-time communication between the Tevalis EPOS and the Como cloud server.

You’ll be able to reward your customers in real time through the EPOS using an advanced loyalty scheme, including personalized rewards, digital coupons, complex promotions, and automatic accumulation across transactions, as you engage them fully through your branded mobile app.

The beauty is in the full transaction details, all transmitted and analyzed to provide the business intelligence you need to automatically run rewards rules, customer segmentation, churn prediction, and more.

The integration with Como turns your EPOS into a complete retail success platform that powers your customer relationships to increase customer loyalty and growth.

how it works