Cheers to World Whiskey Day: How Restaurants Can Raise a Toast and Boost Business

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As whiskey enthusiasts worldwide gear up to celebrate the golden nectar on World Whiskey Day on the 18th of May, restaurants have a golden opportunity to pour out some innovative strategies and raise their glasses to success. At Como, we believe in empowering businesses with tools that not only drive revenue but also foster customer engagement and loyalty. Here’s how restaurants can capitalize on this spirited occasion and make a splash on World Whiskey Day!

1. Craft Whiskey Tasting Menus

Elevate the whiskey experience by curating special tasting menus featuring a variety of whiskey brands and styles. Offer expertly paired small plates or desserts to complement each tasting, enticing patrons to indulge in a flavorful journey.

2. Mixology Workshops

Host interactive mixology workshops where patrons can learn the art of crafting whiskey-based cocktails from seasoned bartenders. Encourage attendees to get hands-on behind the bar, shaking up their own concoctions and mastering the perfect pour. Inform your customers about the workshops through the in-app messaging feature powered by Como, ensuring they don’t miss out.

3. Whiskey Flights and Pairings

Showcase the diversity of whiskey by offering flights that highlight different regions, ages, or flavor profiles. Pair each flight with artisanal cheeses, chocolates, or charcuterie for a delectable tasting experience tantalizing the taste buds. Additionally, enhance their experience with a BOGO deal, allowing customers to pair a drink with an artisanal cheese or chocolate of their liking.

4. Live Music and Entertainment

Set the mood for a memorable evening with live music performances or entertainment that complements the warm ambiance of whiskey appreciation. From acoustic sets to jazz ensembles, create an atmosphere where guests can unwind and savor the moment. Establish event registration to gather valuable customer information, aiding in event logistics and enabling targeted email campaigns, SMS messages, and more for the future! Following the event, offer customers the flexibility to pay using their preferred method, whether it’s via card or their in-app credit. To encourage the use of in-app credit, provide an enticing incentive by offering it at a discounted rate. For instance, allow members to purchase $25 worth of credit for only $20, enhancing their purchasing experience.

5. Exclusive Whiskey Dinners

Collaborate with whiskey distilleries or renowned chefs to host exclusive whiskey pairing dinners. Create a multi-course culinary journey where each dish is expertly paired with a complementary whiskey expression, offering guests a truly immersive dining experience. Offer attendees a unique promo code entitling them to a discount on their next visit, motivating them to return and enjoy another exceptional dining experience.

6. Whiskey-inspired Specials

Infuse your menu with whiskey-inspired dishes and desserts that showcase the versatility of this beloved spirit. From whiskey-glazed ribs to bourbon-infused desserts, tantalize taste buds with inventive culinary creations that pay homage to the rich flavors of whiskey.

7. Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Engage your online community by hosting social media contests or giveaways leading up to World Whiskey Day, and encourage phone number sign-ups for bonus entries. Encourage patrons to share their favorite whiskey memories or cocktail recipes for a chance to win exclusive prizes or dining experiences.

8. Virtual Whiskey Tastings

Embrace the digital age by hosting virtual whiskey tastings for patrons who prefer to celebrate from the comfort of their own homes. Ship tasting kits containing a selection of whiskeys and host a live-streamed tasting session guided by a whiskey expert. Additionally, encourage customers to share their virtual whiskey tasting experience on their Instagram stories or TikToks. Motivate them to do so by offering a limited-time cashback on their next in-store dining experience or sending them a social media gift, such as $25 to spend at your restaurant, which they can redeem by showing the coupon during their next visit. This helps your restaurant increase its visibility, possibly even acquiring new customers.

9. Whiskey-themed Merchandise

Extend the celebration beyond the dining experience by offering whiskey-themed merchandise such as branded glassware, cocktail kits, or tasting journals. Allow patrons to take home a piece of the experience and continue their whiskey journey. Offer free swag for a limited number of loyalty sign-ups.

10. Loyalty Rewards and Incentives

Encourage repeat business and drive customer loyalty by offering exclusive rewards and incentives to patrons who celebrate World Whiskey Day at your establishment. Utilize Como’s advanced rewards and benefits feature to incentivize this segment of customers with special offers or discounts on future visits.

11. Measure Your Efforts

Through Como’s advanced messaging analytics, understand which loyalty members came in during this day, how many new sign-ups you received, and how much revenue was generated. Benefit from all the dots connected from the e-mail to the items purchased.

As restaurants raise their glasses to toast World Whiskey Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase their creativity, hospitality, and passion for the art of whiskey appreciation. With Como’s suite of tools and features, businesses can elevate their promotions, engage their audience, and raise a toast to success. Cheers to a spirited celebration and memorable experiences on World Whiskey Day!

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