Building a Strong Brand Presence with Como’s Communication Tools

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One of the key elements of successful brand building is effective communication. Como’s diverse communication tools offer businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers in a meaningful way. Here are 3 features of Como’s communication suite that will turbocharge your brand. 

1. Enhance Brand Awareness Through Email Cadences

Email communication is a cornerstone of any strategy to build brand awareness and promote customer engagement. The Como Hub features an email CRM giving you the ability to create eye-catching email campaigns whose content can range from informative newsletters about your company to offering readers exclusive offers that encourage them to visit your store.

2. SMS: Targeted Brand Building for Promotions and Announcements

SMS marketing is a powerful tool when used thoughtfully. Unlike email, SMS messages offer an immediate connection with your audience allowing businesses to communicate promotions or announcements directly to customers. SMS campaigns create a sense of urgency, thus encouraging customers to take action and engage with the brand.

3. Casual and Effective Brand Promotion via Push Notifications

Push notifications provide a convenient and cost-effective way for casual brand promotion. Como’s push notification capabilities enable businesses to send timely updates, news, and offers directly to their customer’s cell phone for free. These notifications serve as gentle reminders of the brand’s presence, keeping customers informed about new products, services, or events.

In all, Como offers 3 key communication tools that allow businesses to reach their customers whenever and wherever they are.

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