Turning New Year Resolutions into Revenue – Driving Customer Engagement with Data

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As 2024 unfolds, individuals around the globe embark on a journey of self-improvement. From setting resolutions to lead more health-conscious lifestyles to deciding to be more conscientious of their finances,   consumer habits are in flux during the month of January. For businesses, especially those in the food and beverage (F&B) and retail sectors, these changing consumer preferences pose a challenge. However, innovative solutions, like Como, are proving to be invaluable to not only understanding customer behavior trends, but also in driving engagement and incentivizing spending. In this article, we’ll explore how Como empowers F&B and retail businesses to connect with their customers and deliver unforgettable experiences, even in the face of changing consumer interests. 

1. Tailored Loyalty Programs 

Como enables businesses to create personalized loyalty programs that align with customers’ new year’s resolutions. For instance, businesses can offer exclusive discounts on healthier menu items or create loyalty points for customers opting for low-sugar or alcohol-free options. By tailoring rewards to match customers’ preferences, Como helps businesses stay relevant and appealing in a market driven by health-conscious and budget-savvy consumers.

2. Smart Marketing Campaigns

Our friend referral feature harnesses the power of warm referrals and takes customer loyalty to the next level. By incentivizing customers to refer friends, businesses not only expand their customer base but also build a community around their brand. This community-driven approach is a catalyst for driving sustained value for both customer and business.

3. Innovative Incentives

To counter the traditional slump in sales that often accompanies the new year, customers can leverage Como to introduce engaging incentives to bring customers back more often. For example, businesses can implement a “Healthy Habits Challenge” where customers earn rewards for consistently choosing healthier options over a set period. These challenges not only align with customers’ preferences, but also encourages greater visits during a period of time.  

4. Digital Engagement and Feedback

Como’s platform facilitates seamless digital engagement with customers, thus allowing businesses to collect valuable feedback on their offerings. By actively seeking and responding to customer input, businesses can refine their product offering to better align with changing consumer habits. This iterative process ensures that businesses remain agile in adapting to the evolving needs of  health-conscious and budget-focused customers. 

Como provides F&B and retail businesses with the tools they need to navigate the challenges posed by new year resolutions. Through personalized loyalty programs, targeted marketing campaigns, and innovative incentives, Como not only helps businesses understand their customers but also fosters lasting connections that transcend the seasonal shifts in consumer behavior. 

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