Unconventional April Fool’s Day Marketing Ideas for Restaurants and Retail

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April Fool’s Day is an opportunity for restaurants and retail businesses to engage with their customers in fun and creative ways. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 40% of consumers in the United States participate in April Fool’s Day activities, including shopping for novelty items or engaging with brands’ humorous promotions. In this article, we’ll explore some unique marketing ideas for April Fool’s Day tailored specifically for restaurants and retail outlets and how Como can play a pivotal role in making these campaigns unforgettable.

1. Menu Makeover Madness

Transform your menu with outrageous items that seem too good (or weird) to be true. Offer “unicorn burgers” with rainbow-colored buns or “galactic fries” sprinkled with edible glitter. Promote these items through one of Como’s marketing channels, such as push notifications or email, to encourage customers to come in and try them on April Fool’s Day. 

2. Mystery Discount Roulette

Create a spin the wheel of discounts ranging from 5% to 50% off –  but with a twist – customers won’t know which discount they’ve won until they reach the checkout counter. This element of surprise adds excitement and encourages repeat visits. This campaign will also encourage members to download the mobile app and for non-members to join the program.

3. Reverse Happy Hour

Flip the script on traditional happy hour deals by offering discounts during unconventional hours, like early mornings or late afternoons. Promote this as a “Reverse Happy Hour” and surprise customers with unexpected savings. Como’s engagement channels, such as SMS, are perfect for spreading the word on this event.  

In conclusion, April Fool’s Day presents a golden opportunity for restaurants and retail businesses to leverage Como’s data-driven customer engagement and loyalty solutions to make an unforgettable April Fool’s Day.

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